So while I was sitting in church today singing after my wonderful pastor Wesley had just finished another on the dot sermon I was struck by the thought about how unforgiving we as a culture and society are. We forgive verbally (some of the time) but then we never let it go, and often we never let the people that we supposedly forgive live it down.

As Gods children, we are called to forgive. That doesn’t mean the hurt goes away, or that forgiveness is anything but a process and a choice, but it means that as followers of Christ we are to remember that as others have sinned and hurt us, we have sinned and hurt others. Sometimes the consequences are light, and sometimes they are heavy, but we have still all sinned.

There is forgiving others and then there is letting God forgive you. This is something I struggle with, the art of never forgetting my own mistakes-sins-and letting them constantly weigh me down. I know that the Lord has forgiven me,  and that when I cry out in repentance he will sanctify me, but part of that sanctification is letting go and moving forward in his grace.  In my life, I’ve seen the Lord move me passed some of the larger hurtles of this very problem, but I’ll always be a work in progress, at least until I’m truly home.

I’m not sure where everyone is at in their walk with Christ-or if your even walking at all-but I just wanted to share a little piece of my heart on forgiving others and crying out, letting God forgive you. You may be hurting, angry or sad, but it is not the eternal state, it is just momentary, the Lord WILL see you through if you ask him, it just may take a little time.

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. 1 John  1:9 (ESV)


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