About lil’ old Me..


Welcome to my little slice of the world wide web. My name is Sara, but I also answer to any form of Megan and simply hey you.  I’m a twenty something “apartment princess” that thrives on DIY home decor and bright pops of color. In my free time, I have an endless line of hobbies {I keep adding more} to keep me occupied along with my crazy cat and tenacious terrier Jonah. Currently I’m in the process of teaching myself to sew { when I can’t nag my mother enough to sit down and show me how the pros get it done} and improving my somewhat drab photography skills. I also crochet and {try to} knit when I have the yen for it. In addition I love to feed people and often invite students over to stuff them full, then send them home “fat and happy.” Its a good thing I live in college town, because if I cooked and baked only for myself I’d be well over five thousand pounds. I won’t mention the other gazillion things that I enjoy doing, because I think if I tried we’d run out of room {and daylight}.

~~Thanks for taking a peek at “Apartment Princess”, I hope that you enjoyed it.~~


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