The Upside to Living amongst Fog.

As I sit here writing to y’all thinking of the numerous whine’s and complaints I’ve heard about the weather this week I can’t help but roll my eyes and smile ruefully. While the majority of north westerners are pulling their hair out in frustration more than tempted to book a one way flight to Hawaii, I would happily stay here with the fog and endless greens. I assure you, I’m not crazy {though my sister Margret does tend to wonder from her balmy house in the hills of Kona}. For me, the fog will always symbolize the moments leading up to when Darcy and Elizabeth find each other before he renews his vow of love {and other such things} to her in the romantically obscure field. Without the fog there would be no mystery, no anticipation for whats to come.  Wouldn’t it be boring if everything stayed the same? Or if you could see your life as a long line stretching out before you in endless tedium? Life is given to us to live, learn and grow. That’s why I hold these foggy  weeks {maybe months} so dear too me. They give me a chance to appreciate the fact that I don’t know whats to come and I’m more than grateful for that all on its own. I also recently used the fog as an excuse to revamp my room {the weather made it far harder to avoid}  and donate a huge pile of things to my local thrift store. I’m very happy with how the whole things turned out so far, but I’ve still got a long way to go. One of my other battles projects is  to find a loophole {or annoy beg my landlord enough that he relents} that will allow me to paint my stark white walls in {if nothing else}  warmer hues that won’t make spots appear in my eyes when I stare at them for any length of time. Some spaces do incredibly well with stark white walls, my small {half 70’s} apartment is not one of them. So the battle will continue on until I:

  • Die
  • Move
  • Or Wear down my {incredibly sweet} manger enough to relent.

Sometimes I feel sorry for the poor man, having to deal with me all the time, but then I remember that he actually likes doing his job {Shocker, I know} most days, so my guilt usually fades  away pretty fast after that. With any luck and lots of prayer I will {somehow} triumph over the indistinguishable white. So with a rapidly darkening sky I leave you, dear readers  to think of how much a blessing the fog is. After all, it’s better to find bits of joy and happiness in everything, even the “dreadfully” bad weather.

~ The Apartment Princess