School and Other Rambilings

So if any of you out there are actually following me, you know I haven’t posted in quite a long time. There are several reasons for that, but I’ll skip the excuses and simply move on to whats happening now.

I’ve finished my first two terms back at school, and come the end of September I’ll be diving into my third. To be honest between school, life and my novel-which is steadily progressing I’ve been far to busy to think of my small little corner in cyberspace. August is the hottest month here in Oregon and though I’ll miss some parts of the summer months I can’t help being relieved their drawing to a close. My sister must think me a little odd to love the cold so dearly, but I welcome it like an old friend and crave it after the months its been gone. The Lord has been teaching me much about dilligence and steadfastness in theses percuois summer days, and I find myself feeling like I’ve been wrapped in a warm, firm hug just thinking about how far he’s brought me.

Do you see a man skillful in his work?
He will stand before kings;
he will not stand before obscure men. ~Proverbs 22:29

This verse was on my reading this morning, and it struck me in several ways. The first was that in order to be skillful you have to not only be hard working, but you have to have the ability-learned or otherwise-to ask for help and admit mistakes. Asking for help was not something that came naturally to me, I grew up in a family that taught-as a whole, not individual- you went to school to show off what you knew rather than learn it. It was twisted and there were exceptios but that was, at its core, the truth I was brought up to believe. My mother believed the oppisite, and when I grew older I wanted to have her attitide rather than the former, so I prayed and asked the Lord to show me how. I am amazed at just how far I’ve come from that girl so many years ago, I sometimes think I am a different person.

The second thing that this verse struck in me was that being well known and standing beore “kings” doesn’t come in our timing it come in the Lords. If we skipped past all the hard and messy bits, would life be any fun? How much would we miss if our Lord simply snapped and we had it all figured out, everything neatly done and tucked away. As humans we may crave a life without worry, but we thrive in the struggle and hardships, and I believe we are who we are because of those things. Would we even be ourselves anymore if we were to miss all the messy bits?

Also, does wealth have anything to do with being skillful. I mean, we’ve all seen the sucess Twilight has brought to Stepanie Myers, but is she really that skillful at her craft. I’m not saying that she’s a terrible writer, but is she honestly up there with C.S. Lewis or Tolkin? They were skillful in their wordcraft. I on’t think being perfect is being skillful either, after all we’re all a work in progress until were in the grave, or over the earth with our Lord. I’m making a point though, skillful isn’t always equal to well paid, or sudden weath either, sometimes the most skillful people don’t see the spotlight or true “fame” until long after their gone. I choose to do what I love with passion, regardless of the money I may or may not make from it. Everything, even art, has hard days, and sometimes may very much feel like work, but everything in life has an ebb and blow to it like the tides, so exspect it in everything you do, and try to take joy in it. Thats what I try to do anyways, and I’m always thankful for it in the end, I see the fruit of it in my attitude and joy at every corner.

Anyways, I just wanted to do a quick update and share about what the Lord has been teaching me. I hope y’all enjoy the remaining weeks of summer  and enjoy the upcoming hat n’ scarves weather.


Apartment Princess